What is Inis Dom!?

Welcome to the new initiative ‘Inis Dom!’ which focuses on the everyday use of the Irish language as a medium for doing business in the town of Ennis. The aim of this initiative is to provide a central source of information to businesses who wish to use the Irish language as a practical and productive business tool.

How will it help my business?
Foras na Gaeilge is constantly developing a wide programme of services and support through a special branding campaign  ‘Gnó means Business’ which aims to facilitate and increase the practical use of Irish within the business sector. ‘Inis Dom!’, as part of this overall initiative, seeks to promote the use of Irish by costumers and businesses alike in everyday transactions throughout the town. We strongly believe that the Irish language can be a great advantage to every type of business in various ways, even if you don’t have fluent Irish!

Recent times have seen the practice of bilingualism become increasingly popular in both the public and private business sectors and, accompanying English, the unique characteristics of the Irish language are being effectively harnessed by the Business Community as a marketing tool on signage, stationery, packaging and advertisements.

Why Ennis?
In recent years, Ennis has been recognised as a town in which significant expansion and development has occurred in the use of Irish. The town has won the Glór na nGael National Award on four occasions and the Tidy Towns le Gaeilge twice.

Strong Irish Environment
The promotion of Irish in Ennis as an everyday language has never been stronger.

Under the direction of ‘An Clár as Gaeilge Teo’, a series of events and opportunities promoting the language are organised throughout the year, which have had a major public impact and have put Ennis to the forefront of centres of excellence in promoting Irish in the country.

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